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Now that you’re aware of all the main services we offer here at IQC the ISO Pros of Pennsylvania, let’s get onto the fun and exciting part – the complete set of services and ISO standards that we will be able to help you with.


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The list below is the complete and comprehensive list of all the services you can get from us.

AS9101  – The QMS requirements for the AS&D sector – or the list of general requirements for auditing organizations in it.

AS9102 – FAI or the First Article Inspection, the safety standard that pertains to parts, components, and products in the AS&D industry.

Anti-Bribery or ISO 37001 – The standard that pertains to the practices and the acts that businesses should follow to avoid bribery within the organization.

Asset Management or ISO 55001  – The basic standard of prolonging and extending the life cycles and the effectiveness of assets of companies and businesses.

Automotive Core Tools  –  The tools that help out in building the automotive sector – it’s generally a followed rule to ensure quality in all products and services.

Body Armor BA 9000 – The BA 9000 Body Armor Quality Management System Requirements have been developed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) as a standard for all types of body armor.

Counterfeits AS6081  – This standard focuses on dealing with fraudulent parts that enter the supply chain of the ASD and the consumer electronics sector and industry.

Energy ISO 50001 and SEP  – The ISO 50001 standard provides a basis for companies or organizations to involve themselves with an energy management system for increasing energy efficiency but is not target specific.

Ethical Sourcing or SQF  – This is the program or the procedure in which suppliers check if the source for the goods and commodities are from reliable and overall responsible sources.

Facility Management ISO 41001 – This particular standard dictates the requirements needed by businesses in the FM sector. It’s like the guidelines on how to ensure quality while being in the FM industry.

Forestry (SFI)

Forestry SFI standard encourages responsible forestry practices, which is based on:

  • 14 Principles,
  • 13 Objectives,
  • 21 Performance Measures and
  • 55 Indicators

Gluten-Free Certification (GFC)

Basically, the standard provides evidence of products and goods to be free from gluten and other materials that are of the same kind.

ITAR or International Traffic in Arms Regulation

The regulation about the transfer or the movement of weapons and other defense-related articles should be in and out of the country.

Laboratory Accreditation or ISO 17025

The ISO standard is heeded by laboratories and other types of facilities to prove effort and excellence in the industry.

Packaging or ISO 15378

The packaging standard or the ISO 15378 contributes to maintaining a quality management system. It focuses on the suppliers who produce items that are used in the packaging of medicinal products.

Responsible Care or RC 14001

The RC 14001 is a standard that is known globally, which focuses on environmental management. It assures that the product you manufacture, or supply is safe chemically.

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)  – The act requires businesses to calibrates and take tests to ensure that the quality of food and goods is free from any type of danger and illness.

Supply Chain or ISO 28000

The ISO 28000 or the supply chain standard, the standard that talks about how you could be a responsible part of the supply chain respective of your industry.

Telecommunications TL 9000

The TL 9000 or the standard that sets out the requirement for businesses or for organizations in the telecom industry to assess and evaluate if their services and products are efficient and effective.

Audit Management Systems or ISO 19011

The standard lists all requirements for auditing and certification bodies and businesses; so if you are to be an auditor, you need to be certified to this standard so you know all controls and options revolving around it.

Outsourced Internal Auditing

It is the type of audit where you hire an external auditor to perform an audit to your internal controls or your organization.

Virtual Internal Audits

These are the audits that you can do and perform that are virtually done and accomplished – it requires a third-party assessor.

Second Party Audits

The type of audit that you can do and perform to any second-party business or entity you come across with. You can do it to a supplier, to a manufacturer, a reseller, or a distributor.

Supplier Audits

These are the audits that you can do and perform to see if the supplier is following what’s written and indicated in the contract.

Food Safety ISO 22000 – The particular standard that works in conjunction with the FSMA – the standard that outlines the general details of how companies and businesses must work to keep the quality of food safe for consumption.

Supplier Evaluation

This is the action of checking whether or not a supplier is worth your time – it’s like an assessment you can do to see if a supplier meets whatever your requirements are.

Compliance Audits

Compliance audits are the audits that would determine if the business or the organization is at part with state, government, and legal requirements and regulations.

Pre-Assessment Audits

Pre-assessment audits are the audits that you can take if you’re unsure of the implementation or the documentation that you have for your organization – you can think of it as a practice audit.

Documentation Audit/Desk Audit

Finally, this is the audit that is initiated either by the employee or the employer with the goal or the hopes of making sure that the salary or the wages of the employee is in line with job duties.

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