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Are you looking to get and attain CMMC certification here in the state of Pennsylvania but you’re not sure where you can get one?

Have you been attempting to work on it your own because you’re looking to work with the United States’ DoD within the next few years? Don’t worry about not being able to understand it better – that’s the purpose of this very guide right here!

And we, at IQC the ISO Pros of Pennsylvania, will be your best friends in your journey of getting CMMC Certified.

What is the CMMC

The CMMC, basically, is the standard that is offered to more than 200,000 businesses and organizations in the cybersecurity sector.

The Importance of the CMMC is with a contract giving and awarding. It works like this: before a company or an organization is granted a contract with the DoD or the Department of Defense, they need to be certified against the CMMC first.

NOTE: That wouldn’t be in effect until the fiscal year of 2026.

So, if you are a business or an organization and you’re looking to get CMMC certified, you have to understand that the CMMC has five (5) different levels. And, the only way you’ll be officially certified is if your company goes through hall those levels successfully and flawlessly.

What are the Fie (5) Levels of the CMMC?

Level 1 – Performed (Basic Cyber Hygiene)

This is the level that requires businesses and organizations to perform specific practices. But, these are the processes that aren’t in any way managed or planned and could have no impact on the company, just basic cyber hygiene.

Level 2 – Documented (Intermediate Cyber Hygiene)

This level is the establishment of project-based practices and the ones that are effective are repeated and practiced for future use and utilization.

Level 3 – Managed (Good Cyber Hygiene)

This is the level that would already require businesses and organizations to maintain, establish, and create a plan for the betterment of projects, and overall, the development or the improvement of a company or an organization.

Level 4 – Reviewed (Proactive)

4th level is the level wherein businesses and organizations are measured for efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, it’s also the level where the processes are comprehensively calculated to know the effects they have on the organization.

Level 5 – Optimizing (Advanced/Progressive)

The last level is just optimization or the improvement of all processes that have been deemed relevant and significant to the standard.

All of those are things that we at IQC the ISO Pros of Pennsylvania can help you with! While we’re not the best, we can give you the assurance that we will work hard to give you the assistance you need!

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