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The standard ISO 27001 aims to make your organization better by establishing, monitoring, maintaining, implementing, and continuously improving the performance of the Informational Security Management System. There are 8 steps in order to get ISO 27001 certified.

ISO 27001 Certified Pennsylvania

Study or Learn the ISO

The first step is to “Learn”. Study what you are getting into and what standard you want to get certified. What is the standard ISO 27001? What is the ISMS? Why do I want to get ISO 27001 certified and what can I get from it?

Perform Gap Analysis

The second step is to perform gap analysis and initial ISMS review and risk analysis.

Here are a few ways you can perform a gap analysis for your organization. You can perform gap analysis by finding a consultant, or by checking the gap analysis checklist to know where you need to modify your existing system by yourself.

Planning and Strategizing

The third step is to plan. Create a project plan to engage and encourage your company or organization to meet the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems.

Education and Implementation

The fourth step is to educate your organization and train them with the ISMS 27001 in mind. You can finish this step by presenting a PowerPoint presentation and using training materials. ISO 27001 Online Employee Training is available as well.


The fifth step is to design & document. Your ISMS 27001 Health and Safety Manual and Procedures should be designed and documented by you since the project is focused on looking at your processes and modifying them to address all the requirements of the standard. 

Improvement and Development of ISMS

The sixth step is to use and improve your ISMS. Once you have finished developing and documenting your system, employees will now follow your procedures, collect data and make improvements to the system. For approx. 3 months or more, your organization will run the ISMS and start collecting the records.


The seventh step is to audit the ISMS performance. You should be aware of whether your ISMS is working if it has errors or whatnot. You are required to conduct internal audits to see how the system you made is working and how you can enhance it.

Registration and Certification

The final step is to achieve certification – and this is what all companies and businesses yearn for.

For you to get your registration, the typical way to do so is for you to select an auditing company or a registrar to perform the registration audit.

Then, based on the documentation you’ve made and created, you’ll be tagged as “conformant” or “non-conformant.”

Your registration will then be dependent on your straightening incorrect ones that have been found. The regular surveillance audits will follow your registration audit, which usually takes 6- or 12-month intervals.

Once you’re certified, you should then learn how to advertise your ISO 27001 certification – and that is by getting documentation for it, implementing and showcasing it to clients and shareholders, and the like.

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