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Having your business or your company audited is one of the most satisfying things to do. Why? – Because you’ll know where you are true versus the goals and the compliance standards you need to be certified against.

Here in the city of Moon Township, our company – IQC the ISO Pros of Pennsylvania – has been deemed to be the most skilled and the most professional when it comes to all the types and the kinds of auditing.

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Auditing Services We Offer

For the benefit of everyone, we’re not talking about a financial audit – we’re talking about a full-on audit that involves standards, compliance, objectives, goals, and the like. To give you a concrete example, an internal audit is a type of audit that businesses do and perform to see where they’re at in contrast to their goals and company objectives.

It may be staggered and done slowly, but it is imperative to know where the business stands for the strategies and the plans to complement each and every one of them.

Without further ado, here’s the quick rundown of the auditing services that you can entrust to us!

Outsourced Internal Audits

This is the type of audit wherein a third-party assessor is hired to do an internal audit for a business or for a company. This is done to save monthly costs, to produce raw and unbiased opinions, and etc.

Pre-Assessment Audits

You can think of a pre-assessment audit as a type of audit that’s not counted – but, of course – needs to be paid. The reason why companies and organizations use pre-assessment audits is that they’re unsure of the formal audit they’re about to undergo; it’s like a trial-type of the audit.

Compliance Audits

These are the audits that are directed to check and to assess if a business or a company is compliant with the rules and regulations of the state, rather than just rules of a particular standard. It is done by a third-party assessor, too.

Supplier Evaluation

Last in our examples, but most definitely not the least is the supplier evaluation or the evaluation of multiple suppliers to assess and evaluate which supplier is best to work with. It’s not like a supplier audit because evaluations are done before the awarding of the contract or during the selection phase.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of an auditing body or company, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at IQC the ISO Pros of Pennsylvania.

We’re the best – and we wouldn’t have been if all our services were dull and inconsistent, right? Work with us and we’ll allow you to experience world-class quality services without burning a hole in your pocket!


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